What is VentureLink?

VentureLink is a community hub for technology companies at NJIT. When a startup is pre-revenue, pre-legal formation, and pre-product market fit they need a place to get started. Established tech companies need a place to grow. VentureLink is where entrepreneurial skills are learned experientially. We operate within the NJIT campus, providing in-residence companies with weekly programming, workspace, and expert mentorship.

Co-Working Space

Do you have a startup company and need a place to get started? Our co-working space can help. We're more than just cheap space, we provide the innovative culture modern offices need to thrive. We provide connections to industry leaders, potential clients, and the talented NJIT students.

Learn How To Start

We host seminars, workshops, and networking events open to both NJIT and the New Jersey Community on topics vital to tech and high-growth startups. Pre-revenue NJIT student companies get free workspace.

Open Coffee Club

Celebrate Entrepreneurship with us over coffee and bagels. Every month we open up and invite the broader ecosystem to join us. Network with our companies, partners, staff, faculty, and investors on the first Wednesday of every month.

Contact Us


(973) 643-4063